Daily Horoscope for Thu, Dec. 6th, 2018


Stop thinking and start feeling. Today try to let your guard down and share more of your inner self with people who are relatively new in your life. Too much logic isn't a good thing -- your mind needs to connect with someone else's in a way that no science can quantify or describe. Leading with your heart could get you into awkward, but genuine, situations. And those don't come around too often, do they? Make the most of an unexpected opportunity.


You'll be very particular in the things you do today, and this persnickety attitude will be a very fortunate thing to happen to you right now. It will prevent any sort of problems or mistakes from popping up. It might not be your usual routine to check, double-check and then triple-check things, but you'll get solid enjoyment out of it today. So just go with it! Tiny details will represent opportunities for you to master a situation and make order out of chaos.


It's admirable that you're so willing to work with others to get things done -- your teamwork ethic is to be applauded. However, today you realize that if you want something, you might need to elbow your way to the front of the line to get it. It's not about putting yourself ahead of others -- it's about knowing when to grab control and make things happen. No one is going to seek you out and hand things to you on a silver platter (even though you deserve it). Work for what you want.


A recent unexpected shift in one of your relationships may have you feeling a bit shell-shocked right now, but that's something you can snap out of easily. All you need to do is look for the signs. Turn off your brain and stop thinking so hard, and the answers will come to you. Once you see the signal you need, don't waste time -- just move! Forget any requirements or minimums. You don't need them, and if you wait too long, you could miss a big chance.


If you see something wrong today, do whatever you can to make it right. This applies to everything, from something as trivial as pointing out a stranger's untied shoelace to something as major as preventing a traffic accident. Don't be shy when you see something awry. Your keen observations can save other people money, time and stress. Your energy is stronger than ever right now, and you can add a lot of value to anything you touch.


There's a big opportunity coming your way today, so you need to be ready to jump at a moment's notice. Even if the morning's energy seems subdued or even quiet, there will be major things happening all around you as the day progresses. This could be a behind-the-scenes type of situation, so feel free to ask questions and consult the people around you to find out what's really going on. Let your curiosity drive you, and you may discover happy surprises.


As soon as you open your eyes this morning, you'll sense a prickling of energy and possibility. You might not be able to identify it -- which means you might not know what to do with it. Just carry on as usual, and this energy will snowball into something more identifiable as the day continues. Keep your eyes open for things that spark your interest -- there may be an invitation extended to you that offers a chance to channel yourself in a new direction.


The quiet calm of your daily routine is about to be shaken up a bit. There are quite a few surprises headed your way (both good and bad), and today is the day when they begin to trickle into your world. Try to keep on top of every new development -- if you do, you'll be able to maintain composure when things start to get a bit hairy. It's a great way to keep your cool and boost your reputation. Remember: Good organization is key.


If your house were burning down, would you try to put out the fire with just a bottle of water? No. You'd call the fire department for help and get the right resources to address the situation correctly. So today, when there's an upsetting situation or unexpected problem, don't just treat the symptoms. Placating someone to keep them happy for a little while isn't the right answer. You need to get to the root cause of the problem and deal with things once and for all.


Your work or school environment has been polluted lately by someone whose maturity level leaves a lot to be desired. This has been creating tension and slowing you down. Luckily, today you may start to see hopeful signs that this person is willing to grow up a bit. They may reach out to you and extend an olive branch. While their gesture may be clumsy, consider the meaning behind it. Give them a few more chances to prove they can work with you.


There's a very clear, focused energy inside of you, and today you're able to channel it more effectively than ever before. It's perfect timing, too -- there are many mysterious people orbiting your universe, and you should try to figure out what they're all about right now. Some confusing emails have been going back and forth for a while, and chances are you're misunderstanding what's really going on. Make an effort to clarify the truth.


If it seems like doors are being closed around you and there's some whispering going on, don't get paranoid. Today, you have an unusually heightened sense of your surroundings, which means that things you never noticed before will suddenly jump out at you. It's true that you might be out of the loop, but that's okay -- you have enough on your plate right now, and it's a good thing to be left out of the decision making sometimes. Don't worry -- you're still officially in the know.


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