Surrey Maps

View Surrey maps and contribute to them! Yes, you can add businesses, event locations, real estate, water mains, WiFi zones, and more. 

Directory Map  view map

All local businesses and organizations. 

Real Estate Map  view map

Local properties for sale and rent.

Community Map

This special map allows anyone to post markers to identify community assets and landmarks that may not be listed on other maps. Try it now at the bottom of this page! 

Hundreds of Maps

Every topic page on this website has a map. When people post items under a topic page and they identify a LOCATION for the item, it will appear as a marker on the map. Use the tab menu above to navigate to a topic page and then click VIEW MAP.

Community Map

View and post markers for public transit, parking, WiFi zones, bathrooms, infrastructure, potholes and equipment that need repair, and more! 

To add a marker, zoom in to the map all the way then click and hold on the location where you want the marker to appear.

Add Map Marker

Move a marker
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